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​​Your Special Day Deserves it's Own Work of Art

Live Event Artist

​Live Event Artist



​​​Suspending a Moment in Time.....

 What better way to capture the special moments of your day than with a painting created "LIVE" as the moments take place.  Joy Varnell begins painting hours before the guest arrive, capturing the background as preparations begin.  Flowers are arranged, chairs are set into place, and final touches are added to the cake.  And all the while, Joy is painting.

Joy Varnell.png


 As guest arrive, Joy quickly adjust to paint them into the scene.  When the bride and groom enter the room, they walk right into the painting, forever suspending a moment in time.  At the reception, guest stop by to chat with Joy, observe the progress, and watch themselves be painted into the scene. 


Joy has traveled the U.S. to create over 400 artistic paintings and will go anywhere her brush takes her.  Contact us today for information and pricing!

Joy Varnell Artist Receptions
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